You Glow Girl
You Glow Girl

You Glow Girl

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Darling, in this box, you're not just shining – you're glowing! Adorn yourself with those stunning purple and gold earrings, bask in the goddess glow with the body cream, and let 'You Glow Girl' guide you to rise to your best life and shine! Scan the QR code for a playlist that echoes the rhythm of your radiant spirit.

Here's to a day as brilliant as you are – because, girl, you glow!



  • Personalized Card
  • Wow Cocktail
  • Beautiful Purple Earrings
  • Goddess Glow Body Cream
  • Book: You Glow, Girl!
  • QR Code to uplifting playlist


Don't take our word for it


Wow!! That's what I said when I first tasted this! Amazing flavors and tastes just like a handcrafted cocktail!

Donna C.

Miami, FL


This was a huge surprise! Finally there's now something so much more than a sparkling water! 

Barbara S.

Los Angeles, CA


I love that I can have WoW during the week by itself and mix in a little spirit on the weekends!

Sarah C.

Nashville, TN


When I recently decided to cut back on drinking, I was underwhelmed by the alternative options for me. Then came WoW! Thank you!

Marisa R.

Baltimore, MD


Thank you so much for creating a beverage I can enjoy just like I would a cocktail! Now I can celebrate too! 

Leesa B.

Denver, CO

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