"There is nothing that we cannot live down, and rise above, and overcome." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I'll start at the beginning. One day I had an idea for creating an all-natural beverage/cocktail mixer. I was bringing my special concoctions to events with my cocktail catering company and serving them to hundreds of people. At every event, guests would ask me where they could buy my creations. After seeing how happy my drinks made everyone I knew I needed to figure out a way to spread the joy even further. That was when my first beverage brand was born, Sipp Sparkling Organics. After successfully growing Sipp to a national brand, I parted with the venture capital group who invested in my company. I learned they had other plans for the brand that didn’t include me. This was a challenging time, but I knew this wasn't the end of my journey, it was just the beginning of my next chapter.

So many female founders find themselves in my place, but we don't talk about it. There were times I felt invisible or less-than while growing my business in a male-dominated industry. Times when I was told that "creative people" can't successfully scale a business. Times when I was not valued as the founder. Well, now my time has come. My time to rise up and speak up. So I wrote a book, You Glow, Girl!, to share my story. The power of connecting with so many extraordinary women through my book, encouraged me to make a comeback. And not just any comeback. I wanted to create something bigger and better, not just a beverage, but a movement. To empower all women. Women who are being told that they're too much or too little to hold any position of power. This has now become my fuel to my mission, to create a world where we run the show, minimizing the discrepancy one new female-led business at a time.

We only have this one big beautiful life and I didn't want to live it feeling defeated or less than. I want to live it proudly and loudly and with purpose. I no longer want to play small. I realized I could choose. And so, I did.

Welcome to my new beverage, WoW. With or without you have the power to choose.


Beth Wilson-Parentice

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