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The WoW Collective: Fundraising the Future, Empowering Women Today

Have you ever dreamed of being more than just a consumer? Well, guess what? Your moment has arrived! Join us at WoW Beverage Co. and become a proud owner of a movement that's not just about sipping on the finest spiritfree sparkling cocktails but OWNING a piece of the revolution - The Wow Collective!

So Why The WoW Collective?

Companies founded by women received less than 2% of venture capital funding in 2022—a decline from the year before. However, when women-led startups are funded, research has shown that they generate more in cumulative returns, compared to those led by men.

We are Here to Change that!

Be a WoW Investor: Own a Piece of the Revolution

At WoW Beverage, we believe in the power of collective ownership. As a WoW investor, you’re not just putting your dollars into a beverage brand; you're becoming a part owner of a movement, a community, and a vision. With a minimum investment of ONLY $100, the doors to ownership swing wide open starting in 2024!

  • Collective Power: Join a league of extraordinary women—100 strong, breaking through barriers and shaping the future of the beverage industry.

  • Simplicity Meets Impact: Investing in WoW is simple, accessible, and impactful. Your investment, no matter the size, fuels production, drives marketing, and accelerates growth.

  • Connections and Camaraderie: As part of The WoW Collective, you're not just an investor; you're a valued member of a tight-knit community. Connect, share, and thrive with like-minded women making waves in business.

  • Your Voice Matters: From product development to marketing strategies, WoW investors have a voice. Your opinions shape our brand, and together, we're pioneering the change we want to see.

Why We Need Funding:

Production Enhancement: Your investment will directly contribute to scaling up our production capabilities. With increased capital, we can optimize our manufacturing processes, secure larger production runs, and meet the growing demand for WoW Spiritfree Sparkling Cocktails.

Marketing Prowess: Funds raised will be strategically invested in marketing campaigns that promote WoW's unique selling points. This includes highlighting the beverage's exceptional taste, its mission of inclusivity and empowerment, and the groundbreaking WoW Collective initiative.

Market Expansion: With your support, we can explore new markets and distribution channels. This might involve entering new geographical areas, partnering with more retailers, and even exploring collaborations with like-minded brands.

Innovation and New Offerings: Investments will also be channeled into research and development. This means experimenting with new flavors, exploring sustainable packaging options, and staying at the forefront of beverage innovation..

Community Building: A significant portion of the funds will be allocated to building and nurturing The WoW Collective community. This involves organizing events, creating engaging content, and fostering connections among the women investors.

Overall Growth: Your investment is not just a financial commitment; it's a vote of confidence in the vision and mission of WoW. This infusion of capital will empower us to grow across various dimensions, making WoW a household name synonymous with empowerment, inclusivity, and exceptional taste!

By investing in WoW, you become a key contributor to a movement that transcends traditional business models. It's an opportunity not just to gain a return on investment but to be part of a transformative journey in the beverage industry. Enjoy the pride of ownership as you sip on WoW Spiritfree Sparkling Cocktails, knowing you're more than just a consumer—you're a part owner. Connect with other WoW investors and share your opinions. Your voice matters!

BUT, first things first! Join The WoW Collective Waitlist and you will receive...

  • Exclusive Access: Be the first to know about WoW's groundbreaking mission and updates.
  • Trailblazer Status: Secure your spot among the first 100 women investors changing the game.
  • Shape the Future: Your voice matters! Participate in surveys that influence WoW's direction.

Sign up now and be at the forefront of a movement that celebrates inclusivity, empowerment, and the power to choose. Let's WoW the world together one sip at a time!


The mission is to empower women through collective ownership, providing opportunities to learn about investing and be part of a dynamic beverage brand.

Absolutely! The WoW Collective is about learning and growing together. We welcome women of all levels of investment experience.

Members will have quarterly virtual meetings and an annual in-person celebration, fostering a sense of community and shared ownership.

Funds raised will support production, marketing, and growth, helping WoW Beverage Co. reach new heights.

We will be using WeFunder

January/February 2024