Green Goddess

The garnish for this delicious cocktail is as fun to make as the drink! The beautiful ribbons of thinly sliced cucumber are wrapped within the ice and continue to infuse the flavor into the drink as you sip away! 


2 oz gin or vodka (or) alcohol free gin or vodka  (like @ritualzeroproof) 

1 oz fresh lime 

WoW - Cucumber |  Lime | Basil 

Optional garnish: 

Fresh cucumber ribbons / slices 

Mint sprig 


In a tall glass, wrap the cucumber ribbons around the inside and gently add ice. 

Add vodka/gin or alternative, lime juice and stir with long spoon. Top off with WoW - Cucumber, Lime Basil. Garnish with cucumber slices a mint sprig. Cheers! 


Cucumber Lime Basil
Cucumber Lime Basil

Cucumber Lime Basil

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A layering of cool cucumber and tart lime with a hint of aromatic basil and green tea lightly sweetened with agave.